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    Alert variables and conversion


      Couple of questions:

      1. What is the difference between AdminStatus, Status, and OperStatus?

      2. Status seems to be available via Status category and via Node category. is this reporting the same info?

      3. SystemUptime is in some odd format. Can it be converted to year, days, hours, minutes?

      4. Server 2003 and 2008 have a bit different way of reporting total, used, and available RAM (memory) in Taskmanager. Still haven't quite wrapped my head around those, but now I see Orion reports on MemoryUsed, PercentMemoryUsed, and TotalMemory. What do these correspond to, especially in a SQL environment where SQL takes as much as it can get?

      5. How is AlertMessage used? It was blank when I ran a test alert for it.



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          Andy McBride


          1. AdminStatus means the status in the config (shut/no shut) OperStatus is the actual operational status (like the cable gor unplugged), Status is just unqualified status, such as Down with no further qualification about the status nature.
          2. It looks like you are referring to the basic alerts. The Advanced Alert Manager is recommended instead.
          3.   The SysUptime is in 1/100ths of a second by convention.
          4. I'm not sure of the data source for Taskman but are you seeing specific differences in what you see there and NPM?
          5. See 2