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    EOC and 10.1 AD issue

      The issue i am having is that when someone goes from EOC to a network device on an orion it gives them a login screen rather than using the credentials to log them straight through. i tell it to use the domain\user account that was created on the orion. it will update, but without knowing their password when they go to the orion from eoc it gives a password failure (since it is blank in the EOC). am i setting up the accounts wrong?

      i also tried a user import from orion to EOC. same results. it pulls in the account with a blank password. when the user tries to go from EOC to anything on that orion it tells him bad user/password and gives him a login screen. he then has to enter his domain password to login. I would prefer not to have to let everyone manage their orion credentials on the EOC just so that they can put their domain password. and i cant use the directlink account for all since our techs need to have different permissions than others.

      hope all that made sense.