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    System Manager post 10.1 upgrade


      So far I love all of the changes in 10.1 (upgrade went off with only one minor hitch - APM, it seems, must be updated first).  Dependency management is simply AWESOME, the ability to add notes to alert acknowledgement is great, loads of other stuff that I am finding very useful.

      I am, however, disappointed to see that there's no Add Node button in System Manager anymore, and the Add Node link in the right pane isn't functioning for me.  Is anyone else having that problem?  There are also no views by default, which is a little strange to me.



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          This is expected "as designed" behavior as System Manager has been depreciated. Going forward all node management should be performed using the WebUI.

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              I was disapointed to see the 'list resources' option gone from system manager, though I do understand the reasons - not that i am happy but i understand :)

              But it would be good if the web 'list resources' also listed the interfaces/volumes that are already assigned to that node.

              For example if we have a volume D being monitored in Orion and someone reformats it or changes the disk name to E.  I would like to be able to do a list resources on that node and see a green E drive with a unknown or greyed out D volume like you could in the System manager option.  Makes it easier than going in and out of the node management page.