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    Monitor Folder Size

      Is it possible to create a monitor that will alert me if a folder has a number of files?  Specifically, I want to monitor a mail queue folder and be warned if the folder has more than X number of files.

      I am using IP Monitor 9.




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          Hi Wildchubby,

          Simply use the Directory Monitor.  To add it:

          1. Click the Devices tab.
          2. Click "All Managed Devices"
          3. Click the Device that has the directory you wish to monitor.
          4. Click "Add -> Add New Monitor"
          5. On the left-hand side, click "Windows"
          6. On the right-hand side, click "Directory"
          7. Enter the UNC path leading to the directory you wish to monitor.  I.e: \\mailsrv01\share\queue\ or \\mailsrv01\c$\directory\queue\
          8. Select "File count must be" and set to "<" a certain number.
          9. Click OK.

          That should be all.


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