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    SQL Domain Account for running and installtion NPM


      I wonder if anyone can shed some light on a problem i have. I have used Solarwinds NPM for years now and have recently joined and new company who want to implement it as well. The issue is that when you i install NPM it uses a local SQL account which it stores its name and password in the SWNetPerfMon.db file. Ofcourse if anyone was to grab hold of this username and password from the file they would have direct access to the NPM SQL database.

      Is there anyway of using a domain SQL account instead of this local account to run and install NPM?

      Sorry they are very security minded but i have never had this problem in the past.

      Also is there any way to run the services that NPM uses using a domain account rather than local system account.

      I have had a go at changing some of these and it broke my NPM installation.

      Any advice or guidance would be appreciated.

      Many Thanks