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    Network Atlas & Documentation Version Control


      This isn't a technical question, but more of a process question:

      My management wants network diagrams stored in SharePoint as Microsoft Visio documents, and simultaneously wants them to be visible as maps in NPM. Right now I've got a fairly cumbersome process to change diagrams:

      1. Check out Visio document from Sharepoint.
      2. Make changes.
      3. Export Visio doc as JPEG to local hard drive.
      4. Check in document to Sharepoint.
      5. Copy JPEG to NPM server.
      6. RDP to NPM server.
      7. Apply JPEG as background for map and modify as required.

      Other than installing Visio on the NPM server and doing the editing there (which I don't really want to do), has anyone come up with a more streamlined way of doing something like this?