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    Rediscover Existing Nodes

      Greetings All!!

      I'm curious to find out how others are handling this situation.  I would like for Orion NPM to periodically "re-discover" nodes that are already in NPM.  I do not want to re-scan my entire enterprise, just the nodes that are already entered.  For example, we routinely add and remove vlans from our 6509.  We routinely add additional switches to our 3750 stacks.  We routinely add and remove port channels.  If we deploy a new switch, we manually add it.

      Is there an easy way to accomplish this?



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          What you can do is export your current node list and then create a new discovery profiler in network sonar.  Choose bulk upload and paste the list in there.  You can then schedule it to run weekly, nightly, whatever.  If any routers in that list then set hops to zero.

          We will find any changes on those devices only.

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              Thanks Brandon!!  That will definitely find new interfaces.  And will work for this purpose. 

              But now let me paint the otherside of this picture.  Let's say I have a switch with 48 ports.  I add the switch to orion and import all Oper Up and Oper Down interfaces.  In two weeks, all ports that haven't seen any traffic will automatically get disabled.  Is there a way to get Orion to purge the Admin Down interfaces?