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    Rebuilding Solarwinds Orion Server



      Our c: drive has run out of space and we need to rebuild the same server with increased disk size.

      Can anyone point me to any type of migration path to complete this?

      We are using: NPM, APM, IPSLA, NCM, Map Atlas.  We have an external database so we wont need to rebuild it.

      I have already read some documentation and have backed up security certificates. Is there anything I am missing before I rebuild? Thank you.

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          I have switched servers a couple times.  Pretty much everything is in the Database, so you don't need to backup much of anything.  (as long as it was done through Solarwinds approved ways)

          I change the web.config:

                  <add key="TabsMouseOverTimeout" value="300"/>
                  <add key="TabsMouseOutTimeout" value="700"/>
                  <add key="TabsSensitivity" value="1"/>

          That doesn't get stored in the database, because I use notepad and edit the file directy.

            Oh, NCM and scheduled tasks... I don't think the scheduled tasks come over.

            Also, I would backup your reports directory, I don't know if that comes over (if you don't have any custom reports, that doesn't matter.

            Might as well keep a copy of the program directory and the www root folder, then you don't have to worry.

          If you edit any htm directly (I did that for a while, but i don't need to anymore) you need to back that up.

          I am running mine on server 2008R2 now (from 2003 x86), I would suggest you go as far up as you can so you don't have to do it again for an OS.