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    Fail Over Engine is better than VMotion


      All our engines are running on VMWare clients and have VMotion enabled. We currently have engines deployed across three sites, but the VMotion at each site is constrained to that site and in a site DR scenario the failed servers would have to be restored from snapshots.

      I desperately need detail and facts as to whether VMotion or FOE is better at protecting the Orion complex. Is there a paper on which is better or are there any case studies yet?

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          Tell me if I am wrong on anything here on what your needs are.  It sounds like what you want is a true DR setup.

          FoE supports this scenario, along with High Availability.  Check out Orion Failover Engine Deployment Options and Q&Apost I wrote here for more info.

          In our DR setup, you are always covered and the system is always up to date with the primary.

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              The way that I see it is that our existing VMware VMotion would look after server failures, ESX host failure and even machine room outages, using VMotion to automatically move the server to another ESX host server, possibly in another computer room, but still on site.

              Most of the inter-site links are 100meg or better and are in-country, so the location of the Fail Over Engines’ passive nodes should not matter. The Fail Over Engines would look after site outages by failing over to alternate sites and they would also look after Orion’s services and fail over if there was a problem with an Orion service, even if the server was still OK.

              What I’m trying to achieve is absolute bomb-proof resiliency so that in the event of a serious failure, the Orion complex stays up so that the extent of the outage can be properly assessed and an appropriate recovery plan implemented for the broken part of the business.

              I read your Orion Failover Engine Deployment Options and Q&A article and the FOE Guide, but I need both HA & DR. It seems that the mix of VM & FOE may deliver the resiliency that I need, but

              1                                          What do you think?

              2                                          Has anyone done this already – was it good?

              3                                          Are there any GotYas?

              4                                          Is there a better option?