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    Flood of Node Reboot Alerts after 10.1 upgrade


      I just completed the upgrade of my NPM deployment to 10.1 this morning.  Had a couple little snags:

      1) When I upgraded my additional polling engine, it told me that I needed to make sure that both polling engines were completely shut down.  When I went through the configuration wizard on the additional poller, it complained that the Information Service wasn't running on the primary poller.  I went back and manually restarted both Information Service services, waited for a minute, and then the install completed successfully on the 2nd polling engine.

      2) This is the bigger issue I saw - I (and my whole NOC team) got flooded with alert emails for devices rebooting.  The alert shows the correct date and time of last reboot, I'm just wondering why we were notified of all of these after the upgrade.

      Other than that, things seem to be great so far.