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    How do I calculate how many polls are on each server?


      I have 1 application server and 2 additional polling engines.

      I get conflicting results when trying to determine how many polls are actually going on each server.


      I see the following:

      Elements 2237

      Network Node Elements 750

      Interface Elements 571

      Volume Elements 916

      ICMP Status Polling Index 2237

      SNMP Status Polling Index 2237

      ICMP Statistic Polling Index 3405

      SNMP Statistic Polling Index 3405


      What is the true number of polls for this server?  I know there is the suggested limit of 9000 polls per server so I want to make sure I am not either over taxing the system or under utilizing existing hardware.

      Thanks for your assistance.


      (note: i think the number should be 5642 polls but its not like I've never been wrong before :)

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          I was most recently told to use the SNMP Statistic Polling index number since that takes UnDP's into consideration as well, so in this case your number would be 3405.  However, it does make sense to me that you would add it to the Status Index number.

          It would be nice to get clarification on that.  Ultimately none of it is 100% accurate as your "mileage may vary" depending on what modules you are running, polling frequency, etc.

          Also, there was recently a thread talking about how keeping the primary Orion application server lightly loaded will improve the functionality of your entire Orion infrastructure; I have personally found this to be true as well.

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            The amount of UnDP Pollers do not influence the amount of Elements being Listed.to get a number of how manu UnDPs you have you can run the Following SQL Query:  Select Count(*) from CustomPollerAssignment

            Elements is a Total of Nodes + Interfaces + Volumes. This is the number we look at when suggesting that you add an Additional Poller.

            Pollers which you can see under Settings> Database Details is the amount of Total SNMP Queries the NetPerfMponService is running on the Poller.


            Remember when we recommend 8000 - 10000 Elements, this is based upon Default Polling Intervals of 10 Minute Nodes, 9 Minute Interfaces, and 15 Minutes for Volumes.

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                I am goign to have to get a bit upset about this as I was very specifically told the following by two different SolarWinds employees...

                "When determining the need for a different poller using the 8k - 10k limit you need to look at the SNMP Statistic Polling Index number as this takes the UnDP's into consideration as well"

                This is not the first time I have received inconsistent information from different people at SolarWinds.  My company expects me to be able to track the capacity of our system and I have recently quoted them numbers using the information that was provided by the product vendor only to find out that those numbers are incorrect.

                This leave me with two questions...

                1. What do I need to go in order to get reliable information from SolarWinds regarding the product?
                2. Why aren't UnDP's taken into consideration consideirng that heavy use of them would significantly alter the load on the system?

                Please understand that my frustrations are not specifically with you but more generally about the lack of consistent information that I receive from SolarWinds empolyees.