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    NPM 10.1 - Dependency Group Questions


      I'm glad to see dependencies in NPM.  I'm having a difficult time understanding how it works.  It looks like everything is centered around groups.  Is there any chaining of dependencies or is everything defined with direct relationships.

      For example, I have a remote site.  They have a firewall.  From a remote monitoring standpoint, everything in that site is dependent on that firewall.  Everything in that site would also be dependent on the core switch.  That's fairly easy to figure out.  I guess I could define a group that is linked to the location and say everything in that location is dependent on the firewall.

      A more complex scenario is a top-of rack switch in a datacenter.


      Solarwinds NPM Server -> Core Switch -> Distribution Switch -> Top of Rack Switch -> Monitored Server

      The server would technically be dependent on all three switches.  Does that mean I have to create three groups for the server to be a member of? (i.e. servers/devices dependent on core and servers/devices dependent on rack switch)  Is it possible to chain those?  If I make the server dependent on the rack switch, the rack switch dependent on the distribution switch, and then the distribution switch on the core, will that suppress alerts for the monitored server the the distribution switch goes down?