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    Web console performance - SNMP r/w field



      I am a little concerned about the performance of RC4 in terms of the Web console.  I installed the package with SQL Express on a virtual machine in a non-constrained environment.  Windows 2008 R1 x64, SQL 2008 x64, 3 GB RAM and 2 CPUs.  I can barely add a node - there are timeouts where the page asks me to try again.  The validation pieces take forever (just selecting Poll for ESX causes a 'validation' to appear although i have no clue what it is validating).  I can't believe it's running this poorly without any activity.  It's not like i have 3000 elements on it but it's running like my production environment.  The main reason i am mentioning this is that we're having some rather severe performance issues (I have a ticket being re-opened) and I was hoping it was better in 10.1.  I realize I have an RC, but it's the latest one.   I will likely try installing the RC on a physical box to see if it makes any difference..


      Also - the SNMP R/W communities... I can't seem to add nodes unless I specifically state a r/w community.  We dont' use R/W in our environment (right now) and leaving it blank doesn't seem to work (it does on 10 SP1).   

      Any help would be really appreciated.  I want to move to 10.1 as soon as possible, but what I am seeing is scaring me..  


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          This does not sound normal at all.  I have a similar set up to you in my development environment (in fact less memory and CPU but same OS/SQL) and do not see such performance problems.  I never (rarely) add R/W SNMP strings when I use discovery and Add Node, so this is a new issue.  What is using up CPU in your environment, or is it just slow without any visible resources constraints?

          Please open a ticket and we can look at your issue first hand to see what might be causing a slow down and the strange behavior.