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    10.1 - what customers are saying...


      For folks who didn't get a chance to participate in the 10.1 Release Candidate program, I wanted to share some of the quotes from RC customers who were kind enough to tell us what they thought.

      We'd love to know what you think as well.   How did your upgrade go?  What's your favorite new feature?


      "Upgrade went off without a hitch, nice job. AD integration very nice.  Dependencies are very easy to set-up"

      S. Snyder

      Network Engineer


      "Dude, the dependency thing is a god send!  The best feature yet.  You have no idea.  I manage 34 sites in a grocery store chain and every time a stores data line goes down I get 20-100 alerts.  This is awesome."

      S. Winters

      IT Infrastructure Manager 


      "So far, I like that the VIM stuff that has been included." 

      G. Sample


      "The Groups and AD Group Management looks to be awesome as is the new discovery connections and dependencies."

      K. Sparenberg


      "Upgrade went well thanks. I like the virtualisation summary page"

      S. Brown


      "Far and above the nicest thing is the AD integration.  It will be much easier to manage users and groups of users this way, and so far it is working flawlessly.  Since %70 of our server environment is VMware any added features in this regard is very welcome."

      D. Straley



      Export to PDF! 

      Dependencies/Groups....very nice..will have to play with this 

      AD Group Auth!!!!!!!  Have waited years for this..thank you. 

      Message Center....never thought of combining all those areas but makes interface much easier to find correlated events". 

      B. Duvall


      "Home Tab:

      I like the new message center and custom summary

      Network Tab:

      VSAN is awesome!

      Loving the new Virtualization tab"

      K. Pilgram

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          The upgrade from 10.0 to 10.1 sucked. I had to get support to remote in 3 times to get it working and still don't not have working advanced alerts. SW says it is a known problem and has a fix but i have yet to get them to remote in and fix it. I am very unhappy with 10.1 so far. if it was not even more of a nightmare to roll back to 10.0, i would in a heartbeat. I would rate my experience so far as a 1 out of 100. very poor.

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            The upgrade to 10.0 went so smoothly that I jumped on the chance to upgrade to 10.1. BIG MISTAKE.

            That was November 24 around noon. I struggled with it until about 10:30 that night just to get it working, and it was painfully slow. The 4 cores are pegged out around 100%. A few days after the holidays, it became entirely unusable. I'm now in the second week with an open (urgent) trouble ticket, and no end is in sight.

            In the middle of all of this, the SolarWinds Sales team added insult to injury by trying to rush me into maintenance renewals. Big mistake.  

            The lack of negative comments makes me believe that my situation with 10.1 is rare, but I must still urge users show EXTREME CAUTION when upgrading. Back up the database. Make snapshots of all of your SolarWinds servers. If you bring your lunch to work, bring your dinner too. I've lost credibility. My historical data is ruined. My technicians are missing a valuable diagnostics tool. And I may lose my job.

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              The upgrade went well but we received the following error during the Orion Configuration Wizard.  "Website Configuration Failed: Cannot create a file when a file already exists."  - Any suggestions?

              Also, performance seems to have taken a hit.  CPU utilization is avg. 35 - 100%  Memory is hovering around 80 - 90%.  We have multiple SWJobEngineWorker.exe and SWJobEngineWorker2.exe processes (approx 12) eating up memory.