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    NPM 10.1 Questions/Issues - Network Topology


      So, I'm excited about the new feature that allows you to see how devices are connected.  However, I have seen some really inconsistent results.  We have nearly an entirely Cisco network and it seems to work on some devices and not on others.  I have seen numerous posts about how this is limited to L2 and only and only works on devices with certain mibs available.  I've also seen the posts from people requesting CDP support.

      Specifically, I'm dealing with the following and it's not working consistently or at all:

      • Cisco 6509-E VSS stack
      • Numerous Cisco Nexus (NX-OS) devices
      • Various Cisco IOS switches and routers
      Do you have any suggestions about how I might get more consistent results?
      Also, I understand this information gets updated during network Sonar sweeps.  I one scheduled, but it keeps reminding me that it found more devices.  Is there any way you can set up a scan without the update notifications?  If not, I assume I have to put in exceptions for all my workstation networks, etc.?