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    NPM 10.1 Questions/Issues - UCS Monitoring


      First, I'm excited to see this feature added.  We've had UCS for a year now and it'll be nice to have something monitoring the various components.

      Minor Issues Encountered:

      - The documentation was really sparse.

      - The UI asks me if I want to apply APM monitors to it.  I can't think of a case where this is valid.


      - I configured UCS for SNMP.  Is this necessary or is everything pulled from the UCS manager via HTTP?


      - UCS is reporting really strange results for virtual ethernet adapters.  I checked and it sees the link speed as 10Gbps, but it's showing transfer rates well above that.  This obviously doesn't make sense.

      - SNMP location is shown in the UI and there is no way in UCS to set it.