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    Availability report for last/this week

      Dear all,

      I'd like to ask your help regarding generating an availability report for the last week and this week. When I'm using the Report Writer tool, in the Time Frame tab, the Named Time Frame jumpbox only shows Last Year and Last Month.

      I have to generate a availability report weekly so would you know how could I write this report? Is there a way to choose the week (like putting the week number)

      Thanks for all.

        • Re: Availability report for last/this week

          On the Time Frame tab, look at the Relative Time Frame section.  You should be able to select the Relative Time Frame radio button and set the Show data over the past x to 2 and then change the drop down to weeks.  You can then use the Orion Report Scheduler to schedule the report to run at whatever interval you need it.  The report scheduler is usually under All Programs | SolarWinds Orion | Alerting, Reporting, and Mapping | Orion  Report Scheduler. 

          Hope this helps!