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    how do we stop new windows opening in Orion webpage?


      Hi there

      possibly a question for solar winds.  I absolutely have to stop Solar winds web portal from opening new windows when certain functions are clicked. 

      areas such as:

      1. charts - click on a chart to view historical data opens a new window

      2. event - opening past events opens a new window

      this is a disaster for those of us that are publishing an Internet explorer application for customer access to the portal.  We have removed the URL etc to stop users from browsing to any other websites on the same LAN...  but as soon as the Orion portal pops up a window, you then get a new un-locked down I.E window...

      how can I make the Orion portal, just update the current page, and NEVER load new windows?  it is  a hole that circumvents all my nice security...

      can you help?