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    How difficult would it be to find servers based on this criteria?


      Systems where there are no monitored resources (example, network utilization, memory, cpu, etc)

      I cant seem to nail down a way of doing this.

      The reason I am searching for this is because when you get a machine that is found using ICMP only, there are no monitored resources besides the up/down status of the node.

      Then, you find out there is a whole other read community string out there so you start going thru the ICMP nodes and add the new community string.  Only, some other people with access to the Orion installation have been doing the same thing.  

      They have just been enabling the community string, but not selecting the resources to monitor afterwards.

      So, I have a bunch of stuff to clean up but I dont want to go thru the servers 1 by 1 (all 1400+) to find out if their C drive is being monitored for space.


      Thanks for the assistance.