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    Periodic Monitoring


      I am currently have NPM v10 monitoring devices and collecting data (Uptime & Availability) 24/7; however, I would like to only capture data for a specific period of time during the week.

      What I want to achieve is collecting data for 6 days per week & only between the hours of 9:00 to 6:00 pm for example.  This is because these devices are turned off outside of this period & so what is reported is based on 24hr availability & not for the time which I want to specify.

      Is there a way to limit statistics collection to a specific period?

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          I think what you're looking for is the Unmanage Scheduler which will allow you to automatically schedule unmanaging devices on a reoccurring basis. It's available for download from your customer portal and is included already in Orion NPM 10.1.

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              aLTeReGo u r the BOSS!!!...

              I actually had the installation files on the server, just didn't remember downloading them.

              The unmanage scheduler combined with the windows' Scheduled Tasks meets all my requirements.

              It's good but it could be great if you could have an interface where u could just click the date & time for each day or week, instead of calculating the hours from when the devices should stop being monitored to when it should start again. Then going into Window's Scheduled Tasks to select the dates.

              Also when adding the nodes to be unmanaged it would be nice to be able to sort the Nodes by custom properties in addition to the default options.

              I've set it up & will test & give my feedback...it seems like the perfect solution so far

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                  I am trying to find this feature. I have the exact same problem. We are responsible to monitor switches 6-6 m-f, we have some that are turned off after working hours for security reasons. I have a report due each month and I have a ton of exceptions to enter due to these devices being turned off each night. If I can set them to unmanaged each night and back on in the morning, there would be a lot less paperwork.