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    Feature Suggestion - Device/Port/Interface Categories


      I think there will be more use for this than I am thinking of, but right now I with there were different reports/alerts/views for routers and switches.  I find myself often time customizing reports and views to try to show one or the other.

      At least for me they get treated much differently.  I want to know if a WAN circuit takes 10,000 errors but might not care that a local switch port does.  A lot of that has to do with the obvious difference between LAN and WAN but also with the number of WAN circuits VS the thousands of switch ports I have.

      Another great example is I want to know if a WAN circuit drops but I don't care if most LAN ports do as often times that is normal.

      Just overall I would love to see things customized for the more generic types like WAN vs LAN.  It would mean a lot less customization which I think in general leads to fewer mistakes and skewed results.