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    Upgrade question: NPM 9.1->10 SQL2000->2008 R2



      We currently have NPM 9.1 with SQL2000 and we purchased one more NPM and EOC.

      We have 2 DB options one is the current used SQL2000 and the other is SQL2008 R2.

      Obviously we'll upgrade the 9.1 to 10 or 10.1 (probably) to use with SQL2008 R2. It seems EOC doesn't support 2008 R2.

      My questions:

      - If we upgrade the current 9.1 to 10 or 10.1, will we able to upgrade with the current SQL server? Because 10 doesn't support SQL2000 so I'm confused on how we should do this. We don't have SQL2005 or else to use as the medium (don't know how to say) so how can we achieve 9.1-10.1 with SQL2000-SQL2008 R2?

      - EOC doesn't support 2008 R2. Does ECO support SQL2000? Also I believe EOC itself doesn't keep the data, just gets it from the NPMs when and as needed. Am I correct?