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    Orion NPM 10.1 Release Candidate Available for Download



      If you have active maintenanace, the Orion NPM 10.1 Release Candidate should be available for download in your portal now.

      While this is not GA yet, this is fully supported in your production install and you can call the Support team for any issues you may encounter.  If for any reason you don't want to install the RC, that is fine, you can wait till we GA it.

      Up to this point we have been in RC for over a month with a select set of folks.  You can see feedback and comments on the 10.1 RC here.

      If you have forgotten what is in the 10.1, you can get a list of the primary features we added So what’s on tap next for Orion NPM.

      To start introducing the features to the community, we have started writing a "Meet the Features" series of blog post in the Orion Product Management blog.  See Meet the Features – Dynamic Service Groups, Meet the Features – Orion NPM 10.1 – Virtual Infrastructure Monitoring, Meet the Features – Orion NPM 10.1 - Dependencies 2.0 / Basic Root Cause Analysisand Meet the Features – Orion NPM 10.1 – Active Directory authentication with Groupsfor a few of the ones to date.

      Couple items of note:


      • If you own IPSLA Manager, you will need to download IPSLA 3.5.1 in order to upgrade.
      • If you own EOC, the EOC-NPM 10.1 compatibility pack should be released tomorrow, so please hold off on upgraded till then.
      • NPM 10.1 is adopting the new licensing system, so you will have a new key that you will get from the customer portal to enter on upgrade.
      If you have any questions or comments, please let us know or post to the 10.1 RC forum.