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    Unable to migrate license from one server to another


      Good morning,

      We have Solarwinds Engineers Toolset on a Windows 2003 Server.  We were running into issues with space on the C: drive, so I am moving this to a new server (VM running Server 2003 R2).  I installed the same version on the new server, then tried to apply our license key, and that didn't work.  I discovered on Solarwinds website their License Manager application.  I ran that on the old install to deactivate.  I tried again to register the app, and that failed.

      I uninstalled the application on the new server, rebooted, did a reinstall, and the key would still not work.  I went through the registry, looking for any references to Solarwinds.  I deleted any listings I could find in the registry.  I also deleted any reference on the C drive for Solarwinds.   I re-ran the install, and I get the following message "The installation cannot continue due to the maintenance associated with the installed license key has expired.  Please login to the customer portal at www.solarwinds.com and obtain a new key.

      I logged into the customer portal, and I do show a new key than what we had with our previous install.  When I run License Manager on the new server, it says there are no solarwinds applications.

      Any suggestions?