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    Polling Engine Name Change Caused Outage


      We had an outage on an Orion server this weekend after changing the name of our polling engines and appending a 'vm' to the end.  What we found was that Orion recognized the change and built new polling engine ID's for these new names.  Can somebody tell if this is intentional and by design for Orion to react this way?  The IP address was the same.  I'm curious why it didn't see the name change and then update it in the database rather than building new engineid entries in the database. 

      The end result was that after the name change, the original polling engine id's (which is what all nodes were assigned to) was bunko and no data was collected for those nodes until we discovered the problem and associated the nodes with the new polling engine id's. 

      Jason Henson
      Loop1 Systems