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    Report writer feature fix


      Ok here is an issue that has bugged me about report writer for quite some time.  Report writer, exclusive of Advanced SQL, apparently pidgeon hole the user into on a few select tables based on the New category selection that they make.  For instance if I select one of the Wireless reports under New, I only have access to the wireless tables.  And more to the point if I do that and try and save a report, report writer comes back with an error message saying I have to add a field from the Node table that it doesn't give me access to.  Sounds like a classic catch 22.  What I would like to see, and rather quickly, is a New selection of Universal that gives access to all the tables.  This can't be that hard to implement even in a Hot fix.  Many, many of are not SQL literate and rely on the Report Writer to hide us from the complexities of SQL.  So please please please Solarwinds product staff, fix this issue.