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    Orion Network Atlas limitations?


      Is there a limitation as to teh number of nodes/elements that can be put on a custom map to be displayed from the web site.

      I have been trying to add all the nodes (aprox 1000) to 1 custom map. and when I try and view that map via the web it times out and shows me an errored page.  I thsn delete half teh nodes resave and it works (takes awhile to load but displays the nodes)

      SolarWinds Orion Core 2010.1.0 SP1, NPM 10.0.0 SP1

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          There are no specific limitations, the performance of maps depends on performance of your server, computer that is running Network Atlas, and the client browser accessing the website.

          However, I would not recommend putting more that 200 objects on a single map. Ideal maximum number would be around 100. If you need to, you can group objects in maps and put the maps on a main map as nested. This improves the performance of the main map comparing to a map that would have all objects in it.