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    "[Unknown]" and "Unknown"


      Orion NPM v.10.1 SP1

      There are two groups for Unknown device ("[Unknown]" and "Unknown").

      I would like to show either of them. How should I do?

      • [Unknown] - Network Sonar Discovery
      • Unknown -  Add Node by manual.
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          I have the same problem. I don't need to show them at same time, but it is just annoying looking in the interfaces.


          I tried 2 different queries in the db:

          Update Nodes set Vendor='Unknown' where Vendor = ''

          Update Nodes set Vendor='' where Vendor = 'Unknown'

          None of those worked. They just reverted back to how they were before Iran the query. I plan on trying the queries while Orion is shut down, next time I bring Orion completely down.

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            The Vendor is showing [Unknown] because the  SysObjectID that we poll for SNMP Enabled Devices is not in our Device Database. To correct this we will need the SysObjectID (which you can find in Node Details) in System Manager, Vendor, and Model into the link below, and we will add the information into the Next Release. Your Device will gain not any functionality after it has been added, this is purely cosmetic.


            Tell us your "Unknown" devices!


            Unknown (Non-bracket) means that the device is being polled via ICMP Only. This is by design to easily see what is being polled by ICMP only.



            Note: Manually imputing the Vendor will be reverted back during the Next Rediscovery Interval. This is by design to update the Vendor information for Nodes.

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              Previously there were the two (the [Unknown] and Unknown) groups, however this should be fixed in NPM 10.1 and later. From there on only the 'Unknown' group should be used (and contain all nodes that were previously split into the two groups).

              It's weird that you are reporting to be encountering this with 'Orion NPM v.10.1 SP1'. But since there was no SP1 for 10.1 couldn't it be that you are running 10.0 SP1? If that's the case I'd suggest to upgrade to a later version.

              I've checked the NPM 10.0 to NPM 10.1 upgrade (in regard to merging of the groups) and also adding of new (unknown vendor) nodes on NPM 10.1 and it seemed fine.

              Anyway, if it happens for you with NPM 10.1 or later I'd recommend to open a support ticket.