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    iPMonitor Map size



      Long time ago I had this issue - but for the love of God - I don't remember how to fix it and 3 hours of search didn't cut it.

      I have a map - which consist in 5 monitors all aligned horizontal. The "add web resources" puts the new map on the dashboard - but it does not look good. It is actually too tall for waht the map looks like. Is hard to explain who I have without seeing the pic.

      What I want is - what file I have to modify to be able to change the height of the opening for the map

      Thank you

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          1. Open "<install dir>:\SolarWinds\ipMonitor\internal\js\si_webr.js" in Wordpad 

          2. Find the following line (search for 300):

          var height = _minictx.height ? IPM.ui.topx(_minictx.height)[0] : 300

          3. Change from 300 to your desired value and save file.

          4. Refresh Dashboard and you should see Map resource update with new size.  May need to force a refresh, CTRL F5.  You may need to play with height value to get what you're looking for...