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    Need assistance with setup of a Cisco 1142 AP in NPM 10.



      I am having trouble with adding a Cisco AP 1140 (model:AIR-AP1142N-A-K9) in NPM 10. The device shows up as Unknown and is no recognize as a Cisco device. When I click on wireless, it shows up but gives no Client details, SSIDs, or Channel information.

      I ran the MIB walker on this device (per thwack forum posts that I have read) and I got this:

      MIB OID Name Value
      BW-BroadworksEMS-MIB dod.1 
      BW-BroadworksEMS-MIB dod.1

      I saw in another thwack post that someone had this AP as:

      Cisco 1140 AP -

      I don't know what I am supposed to do with these. Can someone let me know what I can do to fix my issue where the device will show as Cisco and report Wireless information?

      Thank you.