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    monitoring windows client ... IPMonitor refuses to add any other monitors except ping


      i'm demo-ing ipmonitor here in our company to see if it can fill small adhoc client and server monitoring requirement as and when they prop up. currently i'm trying to remotely monitor a windows xp client via WMI to make sure its CPU and other resources are in order.

      try as i might, i can't get ipmonitor to add any other monitors except Ping. Everytime I add the credentials for windows authentication and click next, the screen goes off to do a discovery and comes back with a ping monitor. i can rpc fine from the server in which ipmonitor is installed (\\ipaddress\c$) and furthermore even the remote wmitest utility (wbemtest.exe) can query the client... however ipmonitor simply refuses to use anything besides ping as a health monitor.

      i tried downloading WMI monitor just to make sure it wasn't server related and sure enough, it works fine ... problem ofcourse being its very limited in use and doesnt show you any historical usage, etc...

      i'm at my wit's end here guys .... any help would be greatly appreciated...

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          When you ran wbemtest.exe, did you enter the credentials within the utility's interface?  If so, I would like you to try the following in ipMonitor:

          1. Go to "Configuration" tab.

          2. Click "Credentials List"

          3. Click the Credential that represents the domain account you are trying to use and used within wbemtest.exe

          4. Uncheck all boxes under Usage Restrictions and only check "May be used NTLML authentication".

          5. Click OK.

          Try scanning the device again using this Credential and see if it helps.

          Let me know,

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