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    Naming tables in OID

      Good afternoon all,

      I am adding a device poller to pull the cpu stats from my Checkpoint firewall.  This consists of 3 seperate lines which denote 1, 5 and 10 min averages.

      Now what I would like to do is name these tables lines to be a little more user friendly.  I have 3 options for naming.  Use interface names, which certainly doesn't apply here.  I have choose a name based on table, which seems close to what I want to do.  Unfortunately none of the options are any better than "1,2,3" and when I attempt to change the name presented it doesn't seem to take.  Which I can appreciate 'cause it's tabled data and I can't just go around changin' things like that.  The third option, which on the surface seems to be the best option is custom name.  But I found out right away when I enter data in here it names all 3 of my lines exactly the same thus being totally useless.

      Can anyone shed some light on how to remedy this?

      Thanks a lot and I look forward to your replies.