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    Change SNMP Node To External Node

      Hi all

      I'm a newbie to NPM and have been asked to identify a way to manage our spare kit via Solarwinds v10.

      We've identified a way to record them and not monitor them by making them External nodes, but does anyone know how to/why we can't change an existing SNMP node to an external node as the field isn't there when editing node details (for instance, when decommissioning a server but wanting it to remain available for rebuild)?

      Conversely, if an external node is created, it can easily be changed to an SNMP node.

      Does anyone know of a better way to achieve what we're trying to do?

      Many thanks in advance

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          Great question.  I have this question as well.  Too bad no one bothered to answer.  Got here via a Google search on this same issue.


          FYI still an issue in NPM version 11.


          In my case, I am monitoring a node that I no longer want to see up/down alerts from, but still want to pull configs from it when it happens to be up.  (A Cisco test bench switch)

          I realize that I can do this via custom properties, but it would be so much quicker to just turn it to an external node in NPM.

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              Answering my own question.  The trick is to convert the node from SNMP to ICMP and save.  It will ask to delete all SNMP data for the node.  Then edit the node again and external will now be an option.


              This answer is for people that come after me that are Googling this issue.

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