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    Export to PDF failing


      In one of the datacenters that we've rolled out 10.1RC2 we have an architecture where the users access Orion via a load balancer that is connecting to two Orion Web Consoles.  The users do not have direct connectivity to either the Web Consoles themselves or the NPM server (blocked by firewall), only to the load balanced VIP (virtual IP). 

      When attempting to 'Export to PDF' in this configuration the user gets this error: "There was an error trying to export the page to PDF, please try again later.   Export to PDF failed. Err: Unable to connect to the remote server".

      If I log into a TS (terminal server) located in the datacenter that has access to all of the individual servers as well as the load balanced VIP, the export works.  Is there an assumption that users would have direct access to the NPM server in order for this function to work?

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          Hi, could you please create support ticket for this? I would also ask you for diagnostics. Please:

          1. run %Orion_Install_Dir%\logAdjuster.exe and set log level for WebSite to DEBUG level. Do the same for additional web site.

          2. reproduce the pdf export issue.

          3. Create diagnostics from both servers.

          It would help us find the root of the cause. Thanks

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              Submitted a ticket, waiting for the confirmation email with ticket number.


              While trying to set logging levels I got this message after clicking OK.  When I reopen Logadjuster I see that the logging levels that I selected are set so I assume that the log levels were changed despite the error.


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                  Case #197725.  Diagnostics uploaded.

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                    regarding the LogAdjuster error: Are you able to reproduce this every-time you launch LogAdjuster, or it was just one time error?

                    If you can reproduce it, could you please check which program has locked the NetworkAtlas.exe.config file?

                    You can use Process Explorer from MS (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896653.aspx) to do this. Click the Find menu and select Find Handle or DLL... Type the file name (NetworkAtlas.exe.config in this case) and click the Search button. You should see the list of applications which are accessing the file.

                    Thanks, Milan

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                        This error happens everytime.

                        I ran Process Explorer.  Prior to opening LogAdjuster no processes had ahold of NetworkAtlas.exe.config.  After running logadjuster and getting the error, the only process that has the file is the PID for the LogAdjuster process (although <non-existent process> is listed as the 'process' in Process Explorer the LogAdjuster PID is listed with a type of handle)

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                    I had issues with this as well, although not the same error.  I have F5s load balancing to 2 additional web servers, and I found that if I go to the servers directly (after verifying trusted sites, etc..) that export worked, but not through the LB.  FYI

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                      Did you get an answer to this problem?

                      We'r getting the same error message when, on the Network Summary page ex., when trying to Export to PDF. This is done from a browser on a remote PC


                      There was an error trying to export the page to PDF, please try again later.
                      Export to PDF failed. Err: Unable to connect to the remote server


                      If i RDP to the Orion server, try to do the same, it works perfectly ?! Doest this function only works on the Orion server and not remotely from another pc??