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    VMWare graphing no longer working with RC2


      After the upgrade to RC2 the following pollers related to
      virtualization are no longer being graphed.


      Datacenter Details

      - Overall number of running vs total VMs


      Cluster Details

      - Percent Availability

      - Effective CPU Load

      - Usage Mhz

      - Effective Memory Load

      - % Memory Used

      - Top 10 Managed VMWare Guests by Network Usage: the
      first three show throughput, the rest display N/A


      ESX Host Details

      - VM Memory Consumption

      - VM CPU Consumption

      - VM Network Traffic


      Other metrics appear to be working properly.


      Status reports up for all devices. Polling status reports
      OK. I verified credentials, but have not done anything else at this time.

        • Re: VMWare graphing no longer working with RC2

          We discussed this issue with the customer offline. For this particular Orion installation, the upgrade to RC2 didn't correctly upgrade 'SolarWinds Integrated Virtual Infrastructure Monitor' to latest version.

          The issue was fixed by repairing 'SolarWinds Integrated Virtual Infrastructure Monitor' from Add or Remove Programs.

          Development will investigate root cause of the upgrade failure. If anyone else experiences the same problem, please let us know.