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    UnDP stats


      back in June I opened up Case 170801 with Solarwinds is regards to creating a report off a custom poller ( historic data ). One issue that was uncovered was that the data was being stores with the incorrect time. To be exact, all the data from all the pollers was written to the DB with +5 hours.

      I was told it was corrected in NPM v10 SP1

      So I poke around the DB to assist a co worker in pulling some poller information for some custom dashboards he is creating. He brings it to my attention that the data is +5 hours off.

      When will this be corrected ?

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          Hi Joseph--

          I know we just release 10.1 RC2, which may have fixed the issue but Brandon is the one to comment on that. I'll ping him to respond.


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            Joseph, I investigated this and in 10.0 we did address the UTC or +5 hour issue.  However, we still do have an issue where "Filter Results" are defined in the report causing issues.  Do you have this set in your report?  Is this something you can remove?

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                The data reports properly in reports now ( in the report tool, web console, and e-mailed reports ). The discrepancy we see though is how it is stored in the DB. Looking at the raw DB, the times are all +5 hours. This becomes an issue when we want to pull data directly from the DB for custom dashboards.