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    Syslog Report Writer


      I am trying to generate a report that tells me weekly what users dial in to our Access Server.  Kind of like a call monitoring.

      I have syslogs generated but I can not figure out how to report on the syslog messages for that IP or hostname.

      Has anyone done anything like this before?

        • Re: Syslog Report Writer

          I found what I was missing....

          Filter Results tab

          Records where Hostname starts with

          Records where Message contains userid

          Select Fields tab

          Field: Message sort * function *

          Time Frame Tab

          Last 7 days

          This report shows me who accessed the dial server in the last 7 days and for how long.  We are using a Cisco 2911 with PVDM digital modems.  This command has to be enabled for this to work, "modem call-record terse".