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    Time limiting NetFlow reports: Feature Request


      I liked the blog post on limiting reports to business hours... (Working 9 to 5: Limiting Your Reports to Business Hours) but then I noted that NetFlow reports can't be done this way since we don't have access to timestamp fields in ReportWriter …

      To Quote the blog post I mentioned: "In most other reports, it didn’t make much sense.", However I *Really* disagree in regards to NetFlow based reports. It makes a lot of sense to me that we might want to look at application or other NetFlow traffic during business hours.

      To include a more specific example of what I’m talking about, our IT manager has told the users that Flash traffic is allowed during lunch or after hours. The primary concern is that our bandwidth is getting tight during the day, so we want to cut this traffic down. While I can use the NTA during the day to pull up people that are pushing the envelope, it would be a significant improvement if we could just kick a daily report to the IT manager that is already narrowed down to business hours. It’s a pain to have to run two reports and manually set the time in report write to get that info.

      So *PLEASE* add that capability into the netflow based reports in ReportWriter!