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    CLOSED - Liebert responds to Solarwinds EE SNMP queries but not to Orion SNMP queries

      Because I seem to need new glasses, one of the more important steps was to verify the IP addresses of the Orion pollers. It seems a "3" in the address looks just like an "8" - an important distinction. Amazingly, with the correct IP addresses, the unit now responds properly. Sorry to waste the bandwidth.


      I am trying to monitor a Liebert NPOWER UPS in order to trigger an alarm if the line power cuts out. I can reach the unit by ping from my Orion install (NPM v9.1 SLX - server plus two pollers) but when I try to reach it via SNMP (v1 or 2c, 3 is not supported) the test fails. This is in the "Add Node" page. I get the same problem from the System Manager directly on the Orion server.

      When I open up SolarWinds EE (v10.2) on my laptop, I can do a MIB walk and successfully test SNMP to this same device. On the Liebert, it asks for the server/device IP and SNMP string to use and all are correct. The unit sits on the same subnet as the rest of the monitored devices in that network, and not behind a firewall. The Liebert NIC appears to have the most recent code installed. All other monitored devices at that site are monitored via SNMP, and include Cisco, APC, and Riverbed devices.

      Any suggestions or comments? BTW - the Liebert is in California and I am in New York, so I would have to coordinate a trace with the on-site help.