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    MIB Changes With NPM's SNMP Trap Viewer


      We utilize SNMP trap viewer rules to generate alerts based on content.  When a trap is recieve, it is filtered by OID to determine the action and context of alerts or messages.  During a recent upgrade of NPM from 9.51 to 10.0, we encountered a problem with our rules not matching alerts.  For instance, when you logged into a Riverbed appliance, an SNMP Trap with an ID that translated to "STEELHEAD-MIB:webUserLogin" was received prior to the upgrade.  Post upgrade, the trap now translates to "RBT-MIB:alarmsPrefix.50" or something very close.  There have been several changes that mimic this that are not Riverbed related.

      I am assuming that since the upgrade process installs the latest MIB library files, the new library doesn't match the old.  My concern is  this file have seems to have less useful information in it than the previous version.  I've also noticed that this MIB library file is shrinking in size every time we try to get a new version. 

      I am not sure how to properly ask my question, but you can see my problem.  I have no way of knowing what rules to change because I don't know what MIBs have changed in the library.  Is there any way around this problem for the next time I update the MIB library file?  Also, I'd like an explanation for why this changed.  It doesn't seem to make sense to use less meaningful terminology (i.e. "webUserLogin" versus "alarmsPrefix.50").