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    Feature Request: Add pop up menu for administration buttons


      Hey folks,

      Currently, when you're working on one of the Node Management pages, after you select all your devices, you have to scroll all the way back up to the top of the page to select your action (like Edit Properties, delete, etc.). How about adding a menu that will popup when you right click on one of the selected devices that allows you to choose the action you want to perform?

      Also, since I'm already talking about Management, how about making NPM save your selections when you go from one Node Management page to the next? When I want to make changes on several devices at once, it's pretty common that they aren't on the same management page so, since the checkbox selections are wiped out when I go to the next page, I have to perform that set of actions several times instead of only once.


                        Dan Goodale, Network Engineer II, Triwest Healthcare