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    Unable to edit anything on cattools


      i'm trying to manage a CatTools but when i'm in the UI i can't edit anything.

      every entry in the menu are unavaiable; if i right-click on a device in the list i can't select any of add,remove,edit,... .
      the activity still running and the configuration backup working but i'm unable to add new device or activity.

      in the menu about i can see the license mantenance plan expired by 584 days and the version of cattools is 3.3.14 edition professional.

      anyone can help me?

      thanks in advance

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          Steve Welsh

          Hi Francesco,

          When CatTools is running an activity, you are locked out of making any device changes within the CatTools UI.

          Once the activity completes, the menu items should be available again and you will also be able to edit your devices.

          Alternatively, you can terminate the currently running activity by clicking on the 'STOP' button within the Activities pane.

          Hope this helps,