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    Link Utilization and Endpoint/Conversation Graphc Utilization anomalies


      Hi Everyone,


      I'm currently running NPM v10.0.0 SP1 with the Orion Core v 2010.1.0 SP1, and I have a few issues that are boggling my mind. First, often times than not when I go into the Netflow Summary page and I see my (interfaces) link utilization (in either direction) over 100%. Mind you, we are running Cisco devices with the latest IOS software. Next when I go into the actual interface(s) in question, and I look under endpoints and conversations, I also see utilization over 100% as well. Refer to the snip of the conversation graph below for reference.


      I'm just wondering what is actually causing this to happen? I've been searching the forum and different topics for some time and haven't found a concrete explanation. If someone could shed some light on why this happens and possible fixes, I'm all ears.


      Thanks in advance