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    Customizing a scheduled network discovery to not include interfaces


      We have hundreds of switches across hundreds of miles and are constantly adding more.  I have some network discoveries running each night to automatically detect new switches and routers that are placed in the field.  However, it wants to add all the interfaces of each switch (from VLANs to stack cables to ports).  Is there anyway to customize the discovery to ignore interfaces and just discovery devices?  With so many devices out there, it would take FOREVER to ignore each interface and every device.  The nodes that I actually want interfaces watched, I have added manually.

      I have checked through the script repository, searched the documentation, and searched the forums.  I really hope I'm just missing something because I just do not have the time to check EVERY interface and add it to the ignore list.

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          This is still not something that is available in Network Sonar AFAIK... I have just found a way to add all unwanted interfaces to the "Ignore list" without selecting every interface. A little kludgy, but it works:


          BULK "Add to the Ignore List" Process:

          Start from Network Sonar, Scheduled Discovery Results,


          Step 1: Select the Nodes that have "xx new Interface(s)" you wish to Ignore

          Step 2: Select "Import Nodes" (I know, counter-intuative, but this is the process)

          Step 3: Select "Next" (Device Types to Import, should list the Nodes you selected earlier)

          Step 4: Select ALL INTERFACES in the "List of Interfaces" box, Select "Next"

          Step 5: Select "Next" for Volumes and Applications phases

          Step 6: Click on the "IGNORE" button at the bottom of "Import Preview"

              (There is now NOTHING left to select).

          Step 7: Click "Import" to finish the import process, then Click "Finish"


          Step 8: Select the "Discovery Ignore List" tab, the Nodes from above should be at the bottom of the list

              (There should be a Selection Box to the left of each Node, and an expansion "+" to the right of the Node)

          Step 9: Expand the Interface "+", Select the Check Box on ALL the "Node" boxes, and any Interfaces you wish to pull out of the "Ignore List"

          Step 10: Click on the "Remove from Ignore List" button


          Step 11: Select "Scheduled Discovery Results" again

          Step 12: Locate the Nodes that were removed from the "Ignore List"

              (They should have only a few "new interface(s)" now)

          Step 13: Select the Node boxes to the left of the Node name, Select "Import Nodes"

          Step 14: "Next" (Device type to Import), assure the "List of Interfaces" has ALL of these "Selected", Click "Next", "Next", "Next" (to the "Import Preview" screen)

          Step 15: Select "Import", then Select "Finish"


          Your Nodes have now "Ignored" all Unwanted interfaces, and Monitoring the remainder.