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    Mass Edit SNMP: USER EXPERIENCE Monitor


      I need to mass edit the http://thwack.com/forums/AddPost.aspx?ForumID=25#http://thwack.com/forums/AddPost.aspx?ForumID=25#Analysis of Test Results - Analyze the Result as.  Currently I have it set to numeric data where result is == 3 or result is == 4.  I need to remove result == 4 and only have result == 3.  Is this possible?

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          Good day Chaldz,

          Mass-Edit will allow you to modify specific values such as minimum/maximum threshold, SNMP community name, the "use delta value" option, etc.  However, it does not allow you to remove entire boolean operations.

          In order to perform this on a mass scale, you would have to export all of your Monitor settings, search and replace to remove the boolean operation and then reimport the XML.  Please backup your \ipmonitor\config\ directory before attempting this.

          Hopefully this helps.


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