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    Multi-user application?


      We have Kiwi CatTools running on a server in an non-staffed location.
      We manage it by RDP'ing onto the server to access the application.

      What happens when there are 2 users RDP'd onto the server making changes to CatTools?
      Specifically the timer mode being turned off and on by 2 different sessions/users?
      Also is the DB able to handle multiple changes at once?

      We haven't run into issues yet, but are wanting to add many more administrators to use this app.

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          Steve Welsh

          Hi Network_Guru,

          The messaging system between the CatTools service and CatTools manager (UI) is not designed to be run in a multi-user environment.

          If this is the way you are using it, you are very likely at somepoint to run into issues with the scheduling and data corruption in the database.

          I'd recommend you take a look at the SolarWinds NCM configuration management system instead, which may better suit your multi-user environment needs.