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    Realtime Netflow analyzer

      I have Netflow setup and running with no issues. I wanted to use the realtime Netflow analyzer from the local PC. I have the tool set installed on my pc and have a static address. Now I guess I would have to add another destination address and port # on cisco config. Is this correct? Also, should I worry about this impacting Network performace ? Thanks

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          I would think it depends on your network and how many NTA sources you have in place.

          I have 54 NTA sources - a typical day of network-wide traffic is around 10-Terabytes and Netflow is typically 1-Gigabyte of that. So in my case I would not feel an impact to do what you are thinking. The biggest impact might be at your PC and it's interface to your network. I have Engineer Toolset but have not done what you are speaking of but I think you would have to add another destination (your PC) in your configs.

          Good luck!

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            To answer your first question, yes, you would have to configure your Cisco device with another destination address and port so that it sends the NetFlow data to your local PC (where Realtime NetFlow Analyzer in installed).