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    Alertmessage from Custom Poller on NetApp


      I'm trying to get my NPM to send me a message with the Statusmessage of the Poller Name: miscGlobalStatusMessage

      All I can get it to send me are the standard variables, so far I get this out:

      ${Alert} alert on ${NodeName}

      SAN model: ${CustomPollerStatus.Status}

      Failed at: ${CustomPollerStatus.DateTime} 

      The last line, gives me the current time minus 2 hours - but the NetApp is in the same time zone and on the appliance the time is correct, what can cause this?

      The first couple of Event log entries that came was:
      NetApp Health has degraded: Disk on adapter 0b, shelf 3, bay 0, failed. 
      But after the first 2 alerts, it changed to:
      NetApp Health has degraded: FAS2020
      Can someone give me a hint?