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    How to draw correct network diagram of a LAN using NPM


      Dear Sir

      In my local LAN there are PCs, Servers, Routers, and Switches. I can check which cable from switch or router goes to which PC or Server by simply unplugging the cable and then look into the swith or router for any change in LED color in any port. But disturbing the real time network in this manner is not a good idea. Second option could be a proper description of various ports of routers or switches againsts the systems configured on them. But currently it is not done. Now is there any software available such that it first discover our LAN and then suppose we virtually (and not actually) shut any port from switch or router (Obviously it should permit us to do so) we immediately came to know which server or PC is affected(Obviously not in real time but virtually). If this is possible then i can draw complete network diagram of our LAN. Can we do it in NPM or any other Software.