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    Upgrade error

      I am testing my upgrade process and I have run into a error.  I am upgrading from v 9.5 to 10.  I have a sql 2005 database on a seperate server.  When I run the installation I receive this error.

      Any ideas on what I need to do to get through the configuration?

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          You're probably seeing this error because The SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor service is still running. You might try going into the SolarWinds Orion>Advanced Features>Orion Service Manager, clicking Shutdown Everything, and then attempting to run the Install again.

          If you're using VMWare, make a snapshot before attempting upgrades. I've learned that the hard way. :)

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              I have tried making sure everything is stopped first and I still get the error.  Also I have tried renaming the file to verify it is not in use and it let me do that.  

              I am doing this on a image of the production server so I don't have have any pain if everything goes sideways.  Just want to iron this out before trying to upgrade Prod.